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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 18, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ >> see you in hell, amigos. [laughter] craig: my catch phrase is really catching on.
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people are really enjoying it. i'm reading about larry. geoff: yeah, anything exciting? craig: no. [laughter] actually yes. apparently life goes on after 51 for a very long time. [laughter] geoff: whatever you do, don't freeze your sperm. [laughter] craig: too late. see you in hell, amigos! ,,,,,,,,
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what we've just learned ab the chaotic chain of eve . this is kpix 5 news. new clues in a bay area murder mystery. what we've just learned about the chaotic chain of events that shut down a bay area freeway for hours. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken batista. terrance marsh and chris tweeted this picture from last night's warriors game. it was their last together. both were killed when a gunman fired on the porsche they were in. it happened last night. that shooter is still on the loose tonight as is the driver of the van who ran one of the victims over. kpix 5 joe vasquez has new information. >> i know i'm going to miss him
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because he was a very nice young man. >> family members of terrance marks say they still can't believe terrance and his friend chris beardon were murdered. two years ago, the two men were featured in an online dock documentary about surviving the mean streets of richmond. now, they're dead following a shooting on the oakland freeway. >> saying i'm going to see the game tonight. >> he was happy to go to the warriors game. >> that easter rans on the left, chris on the right. the two friends tweet t these photos from the arena during the playoff game last night. they even posed for a picture with bay area rapper be legit. after the game it turned ugly. they were on 880 going northbound through downtown oakland near jackson street. that's when the chp said somebody drove up and started firing into the car. both men were shot several times each. the porsche began to swerve violently through all the lanes.
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terrance, the passenger, was thrown out. that's when another vehicle, possibly a box truck, ran him over. that truck never stopped. chris and his porsche ended up crashing into the center guardrail and stopped in the middle of a traffic lane. his family was unavailable for comment tonight. the gunman got away. chp investigators are hoping anybody who saw the incident will give them a call. >> i say like this, god was there when it happened, and i do believe whoever done it, they will be punished for it because terrance was a good guy. he didn't bother nobody. >> investigators have talked to a lot of witnesses, but they know a lot of people were leaving the game and saw what happened. they need more information so if you saw something, give the chp a call. ken, they're looking for a hit-and-run driver as well as a gunman. >> let's hope that somebody will contact police and provide some information. joe vasquez in oakland. thank you, joe. a tense couple of hours in newark tonight. a man barricades himself inside a house and when police arrive,
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he starts shooting at them. an hour and a half later about 8:00, police go in, and they get the man. he suffered what police are describing as minor injuries. it's the d word. we haven't heard it around here for a cup you will of years, but it's back. these brown hills in san jose say it all. the bay area, all of northern california, in fact, is now in a drought. paul, how do we go from officially dry to officially drought. >> we get an update every week from the federal government. they luke at soil moisture, they put it all together in a formula and it spells drought for us. officially as of this week, we are now in a moderate drought. now, farther south, it's a severe drought but a drought none theless for us the first time in a couple years. here's the reason why, we have simply not had enough rainfall. we put that rain into the bank if you will during the wintertime. we didn't put much into the bank and here's the result. all that green we had in november and december has turned
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to a lot of brown. we will continue to see this problem because now we're heading smack dab into our dry season. look at the rain fall deficit since the top of the year, almost 11 inches below normal for san francisco, 7 and a half inches for livermore and same story for san jose. we are all well below normal and rain fall this month typically drier months but look at this, not even a drop of rain so far and san jose only one one hundred dretd of an inch and drier season is just beginning. talk about our 7-dha forecast, any prospects for rain there coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, paul. thank you. the fire danger is sure to follow. over on the cal campus, they're responding to the threat with chain saws. alyssa tells us about the tens of thousands of trees that are going to be cut down. >> about half a mile away from where thousands of people lost their homes in the 1991 fire storm but some of those victims say cutting down these tree social securities is not the solution.
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>> they lined the berkeley and oakland hills towards grizzly peak but now this forest of yuk lip tus trees is on the chopping block literally. uc berkeley is asking for grants to wipe out 47,000 trees. an environmental project manager tom says are dangerous. >> yuk lip tus and pine are the trees that carry fast-moving wild fires and sand-burning embers into the community. >> the university is asking fema for one and a half million dollars they would match to complete the project. they started cutting down these trees back in 2001. 19,000 are already gone. in their place, native shorter trees mike maples, willows and shrubs. >> you railly need to cut down that many trees. >> in order to achieve the fire safety, we do. >> and to avoid a repeat of the fire storm of 1991 that burned more than 1500 acres in the east bay hills and killed 25 people.
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>> there's no correlation n native and fire or nonnative and fire. all trees will burn. >> dan, president of health conservation network, says three of their five board members lost their homes in the 1991 fire storm, but they oppose the elimination of these trees. >> we see this as disingeneral effort. we think different methods would be used. >> like thinning the trees and controlling foliage. hcn is threatening to sue to stop the plan that if it gets funding will resume some time next year. so 47,000 trees. that's a big number. you're probably wondering what happens to all of that wood. well, it's put into a woodchiper and then stays here on site. it's used to suppress regrowth of new plants and also used for erosion control. reporting live in berkeley, kpix 5. >> all right. thank you. well, wealthy community is getting a little tired of
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dealing with all the bicyclists who are peddling through their neighborhood so they may ban bikes. that's right. diablo. it's a community of about a thousand people and they say cyclists heading up to mount diablo often run through stop signs. i was out there earlier today and asked the question, can this community really ban bikes. >> actually, about three, four months ago, they parked a chp inside neighborhood here and there's a guy standing out there. as every biker ran a stop sign, he gaef every single one a ticket and did that for three weekends in a row. >> one way the community could ban out of town cyclists is to establish roads as available to local traffic oj. with the rise in cyc lg there can be tension between them and driver sos one bay area
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county is trying something new to keep everybody happy, everybody safe. we'll tell you about a first-of-its-kind law tomorrow night at 11:00. take a look at this. this pretty much sums up the frenzy spreading across the country. the powerball jackpot has hit $600 million. so if you're going to buy a ticket or ten, you might say. >> yeah. you might want to pay attention to what kristin ayers has to say about it. kristin. >> well, i'm right now at one of the luckiest places in the bay area to buy a powerball ticket, any lottery ticket, really. this is the 7-11 on fremont boulevard. the day before yesterday, someone won $256,000 here and workers say because of that people have been coming in all day to buy those powerball tickets. the jackpot is up at $600 million, and people have been coming in to places all over the bay area. we were in oakland earlier today and people were lining up, coming in looking for their shot at the jackpot. the odds are not great.
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they're about one in 170 million, which means that you are far more likely to have identical quadruplets than to win but that's not keeping people from dreaming big about what they would do with the cash. >> give it away. >> give it away? all of it. >> pretty much all of it, charity and people who need it. >> oh, i would disappear for, like, about a month, put my son in private school. >> help my family. >> and a 7-11 on fremont boulevard isn't the only lucky spot in the bay area. the other winningest spots around here are the capital shell in san jose and food and liquor so you have to imagine they're going to have some heavy business going in the next couple days. i already got my ticket. my forever got his, as well. we both went big for this one so we're keeping our fingers crossed. the drawing is, of course, on saturday, guys. so far they're saying half of
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the winning combinations have been sold, that means if it doesn't go through on saturday then it could go up to $1 billion. saturday might be a good day to go buy your ticket. >> kind of impressed with the altruism i'm hearing from people, take care of my kids, take care of my family, things like give it away, charity, that's good. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> you know, they were a lot better than i would think. we were talking about what we would do, and there was some charity in there but giving it all away, that didn't really come up. >> disappear for a month. >> yeah. take a reelly nice vacation. >> all right. thank you. >> good luck, kristin. coming up the sneaky way your neighbors can be spieg on you for just $300 and right now it is all perfectly legal. and meet a bay area wiz kid who just won a big prize. what he invented to keep cell phones from running out of juice. may god bless you and may god bless america. >> yeah.
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hard to believe one of the most recognizable voices in sports used to have a stutter. remembering golf phenom and bay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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into the bay. as underwater for . a long-tiechl worker at the port of oakland was killed when a piece of machinery knocked his truck into the bay. the driver was urndz water for more than 30 minutes this afternoon before divers reached
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him. his name has not been yet released but a coworker said he was a 79-year-old man who had worked at the port for five decades. >> everybody respected him and had the utmost -- he was like a dad to all of us. it's a very, very sad thing that should not have happened. >> work at the port has been suspended until tomorrow while investigators look into what exactly happened. well, the united states navy made history this week for the first time they launched a drone the size of a fighter yet from the deck of an air carrier. there is no pilot on board. the navy's goal is to use these drones to attack military targets. cal fire is using drones to monitor hot spots. peta uses them to keep an eye on hunters, and these days, your neighbors might even have one.
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kpix 5's allen martin shows us the legal way that people could be spying on you. >> with the homeowner's permission, we launched our drone and shot this video from the backyard, never getting that close to the fence line yet clearly you can see right into the next door neighbor's yards. we bought this drone at the brookstone store at the mall for a little over $300. the company's web site says it has sold more than 66,005 of these things. it comes with two hd cameras, one at the bottom, one at the front and you control it using an app on your ipad or smart phone. even hobbyists admit the cool factor of having your very own drone comes with privacy concerns. >> i see on internet people doing things they shouldn't be doing. >> the drones really range in shiez, everything from the size of a small insect to the size of a jet aircraft. >> jennifer lynch sh an attorney with the electronic frontier foundation which two years ago filed a lawsuit forcing the gvt
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to release information on how it uses drones but more and more, private citizens are getting their hands on drones. >> i certainly understand and share that concern about privacy. i have a swimming pool, too. >> professor ken giles teaches at uc davis. he uses this remote control aircraft to spray crops in hard-to-reach hillside vineyards. right now he's only spraying water to test the drones. even his testing requires an faa permit, something a private citizen with their own drone is not required to have. >> at this point we're a public agency looking tat technology and conducting research but there's a commercial industry that's right behind us. your neighbor next door with a go pro camera on their drone, that's a different concern. >> a huge privacy concern to some, especially if your neighbor decides to fly near or over your property and decides to turn the drone's camera into your house. >> well, by 2015, the faa is
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going to be opening up the skies to commercial drones. that means everybody from google to news corp could be flying a drone, and by that time we really need to have some regulations in place on how organizations should be flying drones. >> lynch says immediate privacy protection should come from the state. >> i think kind of voierrism statute that might exist on the level would apply to a civil yaven use of drones. we need to look at those and see if they can be expanded to apply the drone use. >> until that's clarified you might want to keep the shades drawn. allen martin kpix 5. >> get ready for this. the faa expects there will be 10 thousand commercial drones in the air by 2020. one of the world's brightest young einsteins is right here in the bay area. she's making the grade and inventions that could impact the cell phone industry. oh, and she's not even done with high school yet. kpix 5 sharon chen shows us how this whiz kid is taking the
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science world by storm. >> 18-year-old esha from lynbrook high is one of the best young scientists in the world. >> i'm in a daze. i can't believe this happened. >> the saratoga teenager is one of two runners up who beat out more than 600 finalists in the intel international science and engineering fair in phoenix. >> oh my gosh. >> tonight after picking her up from the airport, her family watched the video as she received the young scientist award for her research in chemistry. >> we couldn't believe it. so unreal. >> very exciting. >> esha created a tiny device that fits inside a cell phone battery. it can charge in 20 to 30 seconds. >> supercapacitor, which is basically an energy storage device which can hold a lot of
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energy in a small amount of volume. >> it can also be used in car batteries. >> so if i took out the battery then you'd actually be able to hook this up. >> yes. and look at just the size comparison. it's so small. i'm able to actually put this -- replace this with a normal battery. >> with her $50,000 prize she'll go to harvard this fall and fuel her passion for research. >> i will be setting the world on fire. >> but first she'll recharge her own batteries. scientists are not senior prom tomorrow. in saratoga, sharon chen, kpix 5. >> she told sharon she's already received some interest from google. amazing girl. >> wow! why go to college? just go right into business. >> she's well on her way. >> there you go. everybody loves bear hugs, right. >> yeah. but a bear kiss could be a little gross. the proof in this hairy encounter. keep your eye on what's going on
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here. brad joseph was filming grizzlies in alaska for a bbc special when one young bear got up close and personal with his go procamera. he sampled it several times before deciding it was not tasting very good but amazingly the camera lived to tell the tail. >> grizzly needs an altoid. >> get another reason for drone. >> yeah. . >> go pro camera. >> grizzlies can't get to the drone. >> you know there's a couple dentists out there watching right now saying, oh, i could fix that. all right. weather. >> weather. >> beautiful weekend. if you like it chillier, i got tomorrow for you. sunday a little bit toesty. hello south bay, san jose where the sky is clear and you likely will not see a cloud between now and let's say tuesday morning. i know a lot of you like to get up ely in the morning go for that morning jog maybe get out do a bike ride. tomorrow morning 48, redwood city 50 and fremont tonight 49
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degrees. your microclimate forecast taking you down to alamo. mainly sunny skies tomorrow. this is cooler day but still not chilly. 78 for a high. look at sunday, 7 degrees warmer, sunday with a high of 85 degrees. something is changing again. low pressure is finally moving out. thunderstorms for salt lake city, thunderstorms for nevada, eastern oregon, all moving away from us taking a strong on shore flow with it. as high pressure gets closer and stronger the on shore flow gets weaker. you get more sunshine milder. high pressure working its way here tomorrow gets very close on sunday and monday our two warmest days then something else changes. high pressure begins to move away. big storm, a lot of rain fall for the pacific northwest. as this low pressure gets cranked up the middle of next week on shore flow really comes back and temperatures will drop about 15 degrees between monday and thursday of next week. what to expect, aside from some cloud ace long the coastline it's going to be mainly sunny both saturday and sunday and we will continue warming up all the way through monday three straight days with temperatures
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higher than the previous including tomorrow. we have san jose at 74, warmer than today. union city 69 degrees, 79 for walnut creek. livermore you'll hit 77. fairfield 80. mill valley tomorrow, 73. if you're heading into the city tomorrow, it will be a beautiful day, sunshine 65, much warmer on sunday and monday. highs approaching 90 inland then cool off a bit next week with highs in the mid 70s away from the water, mid 60s on the coastline. all in all, very pleasant weekend and it starts right now. actually, ten minutes, but who's counting. >> something for everybody. >> yes. >> thank you, paul. coming up u dirtier than toilet seats? the specific kind,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... and now love two more tastes, the bold hot n spicy mcchicken,
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and the irresistible new grilled onion cheddar. each just a dollar. but forget the designer lab: maybe they should come with a warning label. . purses are a must-have accessory for most women but forget the designer label for a mpt. >> maybe they should come with a warning label. british researchers took swabs from dozen of handbags. they found one in five handles had enough bacteria to pose a
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health risk. >> handbags, especially the handles, had up to ten times the level of microbuy logical activity on them than an average toilet seat. >> you heard that right. the average handbag is dirtier than a toilet, and get this, leather bags carry even more germs because their spongy texture provides perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. >> really? i get that? i get that story just before me? really. >> i'm sorry. all right. golfing icon who left us today. we go to the ballpark, a's we go to the ballpark, a's locally and giants some of,,,, 3q
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...giants have played 4 gamn the road trip...the starting pitchers . what tees elevation in colorado? it's, like, 10,000 feet, 15,000 feet. >> bring your oxygen tank. >> yeah. you bunt and it goes over the fence. >> we're looking for a few upper deckers in the giants game today. the numbers don't lie. the giants played four games on the road. the starting pitchers have earned run average over teven. oh, those rocky mountains. game two in colorado. madison is four.
2:08 am
bruce watching a bag full of rockyings and jordan backed away and got a grand slam in the fifth made it 9 to 5 rocks. bumgarner gave up nine runs, seven of them earned. giants committed four errors, too. buster posey goes and made it 10 to 9. that's until raf yell betten court slammed the door in the ninth. giants lose it final 10 to 9. 14,602 paid attention coliseum. a's and royals, james shields shackles the a's until the seventh. josh donaldson lands one over the out of town score to tie it up at one and then in the eighth, adam runs and that one is not coming back. is it an upper deck? a's beat the royals final of two to one. san francisco native ken venturi lost a two-month battle
2:09 am
with pneumonia among other medical issues 12 days after enshrinement into world golf hal of fame. >> he's done it after that morning round of 66 playing in punishing weather. >> ken venturi had to overcome 100-degree heat and dee hydration to win the 1954 u.s. open in washington dc, 3,000 mile s away from his san francisco home. 14 pga wins. >> he worked with a lot of people on their golf games that he never taufked about. he never wanted money for it. he worked with a lot of charities. there's an old story about the fact that he sthuterred and -- and his mother was told he's probably never going to be anything, and he went toward golf because he could be out there by himself. >> ain't it funny a guy that stutters goes off and has a
2:10 am
35-year career for cbs sports doing golf up there in the booth. >> yeah. really incredible. he really mastered the way to have these shots just speak for themselves and -- and he made many great comments. >> may god bless you and may god bless america [ applause ] [ applause ] mçó4+y?i ♪ [ roars ] ♪


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